Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm dying

Some time ago I announced my intention to do the Special K Women's Duathlon.

So far I have:

bought some sneakers

gone for lots of walks

bought an iriver to stop me being bored

All this doesn't add up to very much training, which is fine. The plan was to start jogging and cycling after New Years.

Today I completed my first run. God it sucks. The burning chest! I'm certain I have a rare medical condition that makes my burning chest more sore than anyone else can imagine.

5 comments: said...

The first run is definitely the hardest. I remember lying on the floor trying to get my heart rate and breathing back to normal. This took longer tan the actual run! It does get easier - I even look forward to going now.

Martha said...

When EXACTLY does it get easier. I need specifics, because I am not the kind of person to put up with too much pain.

reshma said...

Good Luck with this whole thing - Don't over do it! said...

The first 3 or 4 runs will be pure pain. Then it starts to ease off. After a while it gets to be enjoyable.

hers said...

We are in training as well. Hopefully to compete in some form of walking event at some point early in the year.

Unfortunately both She and I suffer with awful ankles and knees so we are pretty much limited to walking rather than running. Better on the chest too!