Monday, January 09, 2006


Mike has asked what I got for christmas (well, it was a general question, but I'll answer personally).

Glen and I don't really do presents at xmas. We both have birthdays close, and can't be arsed to be honest.

From my parents I got this

wedding 072

Which I love a lot.

My sister gave me these


which I also love a lot.

I also got lots of other nice things I can't think of. I got some great plates, some teatowels and yummy things, a comic book, an art work, some CDs.

And for ourselves we got the iriver and coffee grinder.

A very good christmas indeed.


Mike said...

Wicked - not too shabby for people that don't actually do pressies ;-)

How's the iRiver going?

And, um, "Bolts" ... in 50 words or less please outline your relationship with this/these item(s) ... :-?

Martha said...

The iriver is a marvel. I love it. We used it in the car for all our travel, and it was great. We bought a cheap cable rather than an iTrip, and we've plugged it into stereos in a few places. We've only used half its storage too. Haven't used it much for radio yet, so I 'm not sure whether we really needed to hold out for that.

And Bolts. I like art, and seem to be drawn to pretty cartoony stuff. This fitted the bill exactly.