Friday, January 06, 2006


Tomorrow is my big day. Strictly speaking I suppose it is Megan and Alex's big day, but neither of them have to be best man like I do.

I've solved the shoe and jewellery issue. Gorgeous stilletto type things with gems on them and some choice bling (I love all these blingy costume jewellery stores that have sprung up everywhere).

But the SPEECH. I want it to be funny and brief and poignant, but I'm so struck with nerves at the prospect of writing it, that all I can do is procrastinate.

Perhaps I'll just copy something off the net. Or find an Auden poem that seems appropriate. That should get 'em weeping. Or weeing. Either way, attention will be removed from moi.


Brena said...

Was reading a thing yesterday about a technique TV reporters use when preparing reports. It said they work out the ending and the beginning and can then leave the middle flexible. So they know how to start, can wing it in the middle and if it turns to poop they can cut to the ending. True? Dunno. Might help.

Good luck... said...

...and then the bartender said "That's no a duck"

Mandy said...

"Lay your sleeping head, my love
"Human on my faithless arm;"

Perhaps not Auden.