Saturday, January 21, 2006


Go away pervert.

Yuck, I feel ick.

Statcounter is always interesting for a bit of a laff, usually people find me by looking for the Wiggles, or mosaic tiling (don't ask).

Ugh, today someone found me with a search on "links p**n children" ( I don't want any more searches finding me by plugging in those words, but use your imagination to work out that the "P" word wasn't pure). And they stayed for a while and read some posts. UGH. I feel like I've contributed to some pervert's day. BASTARD GO AWAY.

Sometimes in my happy wee blogging world I forget that lots of people use the internet to be yucky, gross pervs.



duff said...

statcounter's a delightful thing, though sometimes it really worries me to see some of the searches people conduct- and those are the ones clean enough to post....

Martha said...

I love the searches you come up with Duff, they're hilarious.

I can't believe the combinations Google puts together to end up at my site.