Monday, January 30, 2006

Bloody hot

Bloody hell it is hot isn't it? Which is great, being the idea behind summer and all.

I'm going for a walk shortly to pick up the car from its WOF check, and I'm just a bit worried I might melt.

If you don't hear from me by, say, Friday, send out the authorities. Any stalker worth their salt will know where to find me.


Violet said...

In these temperatures, I take back every time I ever said that I wanted to move to Aussie for the weather. I wouldn't be able to survive it.

David said...

My folk (not too far from you) were complaining about the heat. Meanwhile, I was complaing about the cold. Turns out we were both complaining about the same temperature... about 29deg or so.

I'm not really happy with anything much less than about 32deg these days.

Martha said...

Well I survived it, so I imagine I could get used to it. You need about 29deg to even feel like going out in the kayak I find.

Reshma said...

Well today in Lower Hutt it's meant to reach a high of 29deg! - I say bring it on!
Mum's complaining about the heat as if it's 45 Deg or something! Geeze!
I swear if she mentions she so hot one more time i'm going to punch her! - then again might restrain myself from doing so, it isn't very Ladylike is it?

I must say I'm quite comfortable in this temp. I want Petone to reach 35 degrees! :-)

David said...

You need to visit here about October or November, Reshma. 35 is about right for town. Inland it'll be more like 40. Add 10 for temperatures actually in the sun itself, rather than the shade where they measure it.

The hottest place I've ever been was the Mojave Desert in California. 46 in the shade. I left my Walkman in the car and it melted.