Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing going on but the rent

It is a total crapper of a day here in sunny Petone. Gale force winds, rain, flying pustules.

Consequently I am CREATIVELY STUNTED. So I'll provide some links for you to enjoy from my Stumble Upon explorations.

This is some very funny and mean software you can install on someones computer to freak them.

This is a list of films ordered by the use of the word "fuck".

Oh, on the good new front, Bones starts tonight. It has Angel in it, so he must have un-vampired himself somehow, otherwise he'd turn to ashes, right?


Tom said...

Is there a category for "most consecutive uses of the word 'fuck'"? If so, then Four Weddings & a Funeral must be up there.

Martha said...

I'd say you're probably right, although use of consecutive "fucks" didn't get it into the list.

Looks like use of fuck is a bit of a winner, I'd seen most of the flicks.

Kate said...

I like that actor. He has the right mix of brooding good looks and yet sensitive looking eyes. Unfortunately Mon told me he's been married several times over. I'm just a oncer

.... so far. ;)

Martha said...

I looked him up a while ago, and he is married to a very blond Playboy bunny. I mean, fair enough, but I was a bit disappointed. And I think they have a child called Jaden.

Jaden for gods sake.

Lippy said...

Buggerydamnandbother! I missed Bones last night!! Wonder if David B is as entertaining as he is in Angel?

Kate said...

First episode was more focussed on her although they share top billling.

They seemed to stand very close together in the closeups, which was meant to create some sexual tension - although I felt they lacked chemistry.