Thursday, January 05, 2006

10 Bullet Points

As suggested by David Slack, here are my 10 bullet points for 2005.

1. Blogger! I join the elite blogger classes (ahem)
2. Holidays. First in the campervan, then our recent sojourn.
3. Grass. Well, lawn actually.
4. Coffee. We bought a cart, and sold it, but have been left with a ridiculous addiction - not to mention a lovely new grinder - which leads me to
5. Lots of nice new stuff. Yippee for shopping. Should I list? Here are a few: Corbusier lounger, car, art, gas fire...
6. Further to the lawn - the deck. Hallelujah.
7. My nephew Rai. What a star, and a highlight of 2005.
8. The election. I loved it.
9. Going out again after a looooong break to The Bats, Cassette, Phoenix Foundation, SJD and Fly My Pretties.
10. Family and friends. Every year, forever and ever.

And in case you're wondering why no children mentioned, it is because if I did they would fill every spot. Walking, talking, living dolls. And I don't want to appear soppy. I aim to attract a young, hip, urban readership... to counter my aging, un-hip, Hutt-based self...



Make Tea Not War said...

Hahahaha...I'm aging, unhip and J'ville based.

Martha said...

Embrace thou J'vileness! I was educated in the big J, and I rate it.