Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I tried being consumerably restrained for a couple of days, and really, it just didn't suit my nature. Plus, if we don't spend 120% of our income and increase our mortgage every year (ours went up 50k last year, now beat that), what will Bollard have to whinge about?

So I've sent an order off to American Apparel. Shopping over the internet is good on so many levels.

1. You don't have to move!
2. Parcels! Similar to presents, but definitely what you want!
3. Credit cards! You need never really acknowledge that you're spending money
4. Bargains! You know it is going to be cheaper than buying it here. Bless the high NZ$.
5. Credit card points thingies! Money for nothing (you do need to lie to yourself a little).
6. And in the case of American Apparel, the money may be hitting the states, but they're not using sweat shops, and the same guarantee can't be made for most of the stuff you buy around here.

Whew. It is good to justify total outlandish extravagances. I should have been a catholic, confession suits me.


Alan said...

Or maybe, you can buy, without bothering with the messy business of actually receiving the goods.

Domestic Goddess said...

Evil lady. Thankfully nothing appealed. I feel strangely at home with your logic. Just a shame my CH does not find the same joy in my spending.

Why not halve our income and double our expenditure....

Oh yeah we have.

Fuckkit said...

Amen sister, worship at the alter of internet shopping :)

Martha said...

Alan, perfect! Completely avoid the disappointment of the wrong size or colour.

Domestic Goddess, the trick is the kids clothing. Their little t shirts are gorgeous.

And Fuckkit, cheers. I am working on never having to leave the house again.