Saturday, January 21, 2006

Summer is here

Pimm's! Yippee. My brother-in-law has brought us a bottle of Pimm's duty free. Nothing better, we'll be sitting out there this evening getting slowly pissed on the delectable sweet fizz that is Pimm's. What is that flavour anyway?


hers said...

I haven't had a Pimms in years. Where did you say you lived again?

Martha said...

Sure! Come round, you might need to use the helicopter, just park on the bulls eye on the roof.

I've looked up what Pimm's is now. Delicious. Gin based, bless.

Mike said...

Pimms - organge?

I've ben Pimm's and Lemonading it all summer so far, it's just so 1920's decandent :-)

hers said...

Damn it.

The helicopter is in for servicing.

Maybe next time.