Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yummy yummy

Title of post means nothing.

I'm writing this so you have something to read first thing in your offices, not because I have anything interesting to say. And because Glen has nipped into work, which means I won't be able to go to sleep til he gets home anyway.

Cripes. Are you bored yet?

So, le weekend. Saturday was very very goodlooking and spectacular, so I joyfully headed for the Dell for the mother of all Fairy Balls. It wasn't really, but doesn't "The Mother of All Fairy Balls" have a nice ring to it? It was very nice to stalk Alan and his family for another day. I also started stalking a new family, Susan and co.

Finn and I went into town. He wanted a milkshake, which is fair enough as it was bloody roasting. I went somewhere evil to buy it, as there weren't many places open. I felt worse than if I went somewhere even more evil. I was quietly scathing of the girl behind me who ordered a Gingerbread Latte with extra whipped cream, so if the coffee gods are watching they'll know I haven't sold my soul totally. I'm not going to write where it was, but you should be able to guess from the evil Gingerbread latte.

Finn and I caught the bus home. It was his first trip on a bus - poor sheltered wee fella. It was pretty hilarious, as the bus driver forgot to go to the station, and whipped straight onto the motorway. He very anxiously yelled out "none of you fellas wanted to get off at the station did you?" - which no-one did, but what would he have done? I feel a tiny bit sorry for all the people who probably waited for an hour, but mainly I was in hysterics.

And hurray, Fiesta time! Carriiiiiiba! (the exclamation marks are back).

Goddamn it was crowded. Too crowded really for a shorty like me. I couldn't see anything of Fat Freddy's. It was good though. There were lots of young folks, and lots of herbal odours wafting past, which was very atmospheric. We had some sneaky beers secreted in our backpack. I don't think the police were really that concerned about us with our illicit beers though. Stephen was stalking me, so I didn't get to see him. Darn he is elusive.

And today, very nice thanks. Trip to Te Papa, again avec la famille. And tonight three episodes of Buffy. Yipppeee. Glen's brother even watched and enjoyed. That is season 4 over, and boy it was good. When Riley and Angel were face to face, well, I was torn.

So there you have it. How were your weekends?


Emily said...

Looked for you at the Teddy Bears' Picnic - what gives? How is anyone s'posed to get any decent stalking done if people don't STICK TO THEIR SCHEDULES?!?

Martha said...

Ahh sorry. The weather was a bit too crap to bother with going I'm afraid. You needed to stalk us in our paddle boats at Franks Kitts lagoon. For some reason I forgot to mention that exciting part of the day.

Alan said...

Hmmm, we didn't bother with the Teddy Bear's picnic either. That weather was a bit anti-climactic after Saturday (he said as he types at his desk in an coolly airconditioned room). Is it hot outside now?

Mike said...


The Editter said...

twas indeed crowded at the Petone Fiesta, far too crowded to stalk you. and what a beautiful night twas, too.

Martha said...

Yeah. I've been trying to work out what was wrong with the atmos, and I suspect it was mainly that the whole thing finished so damn early, and it was such a pretty night, it seemed wrong.