Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I wasn't going to bother putting up the result of this, but when I got it I laughed out loud. I think it is fair to say that this quiz doesn't count on pretty much general disinterest in almost everything. Nor on a blogger who essentially hates writing, isn't interested in the human condition, nor horrors - in the molecular condition.

You should be a Dance major! Like a lithe ballerina, you dance because you believe there is beauty in expressing the physical form.

Dance 92%

Mathematics 75%

Art 67%

Journalism 67%

Theater 58%

Philosophy 50%

Engineering 50%

Sociology 50%

Psychology 33%

English 33%

I won't bother linking because it pulls up mean pop-ups. If you're dying of curiosity check out the link on David F and Hers for the link

It screws up your appearance in Explorer too, so I had to muck around with it. How I suffer for my art.

But hell, I'm gonna go for it. Flag my Communications paper and enrol at Toi Whakaari

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