Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Alan Macdougall - sex on legs

Alan Macdougall has a nemesis. Not only am I going to help him up his google rankings, but (sexy feets) I (tile mosaics) may (Murray Wiggle) just (jessica simpson NAKED) up (Britney's baby) my (hooters) own (tight shorts) in (boobies) the (cheap cocaine) process.


Alan said...

My goodness. I've never been described in quite that way before.

BTW, your pagerank is 4 at the moment, so you aren't doing too badly at all. Apparently once you get to 7 you get hammered with comment spam, so there is a downside to good pagerank.

Alan said...

Oh hell, another thought - how am I going to explain this to Becky?

Martha said...

She must already suspect.

And besides, the internet is all about porn and virtual sex. Didn't you know?

Rosiemunda said...

alas, I found myself when I googled rosie pointy pointy, but as rosie scott I will always fall short thanks to rosie scott the authors (but i know her and she is cool so at least i feel part of the specialness)

And i owe her for the many practical jokes I have played on people pretending I have written a book, ha!