Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trade me

In case you were all dying of curiosity, I thought I'd let you know how my Trademe auctions are going.

The baby monitor has been in high demand and is up to $61. I feel nervous, which often happens when I'm running auctions and feel like people are paying too much. We got the thing free with flybuys, so I'm pretty stunned by the bidding.

The old armchairs are up to $31.

The oak table sold to a woman down the road for $50.

The baby bouncer is $1 from reserve.

I'm pretty pleased really. We're almost 1/6 of the way to the new table, and all for stuff we didn't want. Now I just have to work out what else to sell. I'm thinking of sacrificing some of the Crown Lynn.

Oh and ps. we've fixed iTunes. The podcast had created a double directory. Losers.


ben.run said...

Try selling a time machine, those can attract a few big bids it seems.


Brena said...

Skyhooks are also becoming popular again...

tinks said...

The table wouldn't be at ECC by any chance would it?

Martha said...

It could be. It is sort of a theoretical table at the moment. We need to find the exact one. It may be at Cudby and Meade, or Bromhead, or Backhouse or ECC!

tinks said...

Very cool. I have a Bromhead Skagen one, and it's rather nice. Bit small though, but then so is our house.