Monday, October 17, 2005


This story is inspired by Alan's recent recount of a digger story.

One day, when I was young and footloose and fancy free, I was walking down Wadestown hill on the way to university.

I chap in a digger called out "hello!" to which I replied "kiarrrggg".

I was very very embarassed. The reason I came out with such an unusual salutation? At the time I usually greeted people with a friendly "kia ora", but mid-word I realised that in fact I was only going to appear like a silly, middle-class, white girl from Wadestown. So I tried to say "gidday" instead.

I still feel quite a severe cringe when I remember that day.


Rosiemunda said...

ha ha ha ha ha, kiarrg yourself said...

Bet you were WITV with that!


Lippy said...

Oh goody - it's not just me who does stuff like that!