Monday, October 10, 2005


Ben has tagged me.

The instructions for this tag.

1. Go into your archive & find your 23rd post.
2. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to & share the text of the sentence with these instructions.
3. Tag five to do the same.

My result:
I want to go and spend $1750 on a painting, or some nice shoes, or a coat.

Actually I had to go to my 24th post, the previous was only 2 sentences. It is pretty crap too. I guess it is just evidence that I'm no towering intellectual giant, and I like shopping.

So I tag

1. Rosie
2. Emily
3. Mr Reasonable
4. David in Darwin
5. Brena

Knock yourselves out.


Rosiemunda said...

ahh i don't know how to tag!
HOw do you make peoples names link?

Brena said...


Martha said...

Honestly, I won't cry if you don't do it. I just felt the karmic implications of ignoring Ben's tag may be greater than I could bear.

To link names Rosie, type in the name, highlight (or select) it, then click on the globe with a chain (I think that is what it is) in the compose tool bar thingy (where the bold, bullet points etc) is. And paste in the address, or type it in.

Clear as mud? Good.

Mr Reasonable said...

Yikes, I don't have 5 people to tag. I am very loyal to my wee group that I read and practise Safe Blogging...

Martha said...

Safe Blogging eh?

At least it wasn't tagged with any bad luck vibes.

Ha, which reminds me, I got the Bonsai Kitten email today. Hahahahhahaha. Google it if you haven't seen it.