Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Machinist

Latest watch was The Machinist.

I don't really know if I liked it. It was pretty messy. It was certainly interesting to see what Christian Bale looked like after losing 60 lbs (not pretty).

I was very frightened and grossed out by the first gross out bit, and under the impression they were set to continue, I snuck into the bedroom and looked for a synopsis on the internet. I was reassured by what I read, and returned to watch the rest. I think someone wanting a horror would be disappointed that the "horror" only lasted about 3 minutes, and anyone not wanting a horror would be upset that there was 3 minutes of YUCK.

I watched some of the bonus material on the DVD, and wasn't surprised to see it had been filmed in Spain. It didn't feel like an American film.

1 comment: said...

That was a movie I was looking at getting out sometime, I had not realised it had any horror in it. Thanks for the warning!