Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh so dammit WHATever

Much as I love the fact everyone is going out and having cocktails and marvellous times and torturing us poor souls at home (Stephen, Jo, Tom, Kate), I do find it somewhat depressing. I want a frickin apple mojito thingamy bob! I want a seedy pub toilet! I want pizza pomodoro!

So in a new series entitled Dining at Home, a shall reveal the excitement of the 'hood.

First up - our new table
October 2005 101

And the menu?

We started with hummus etc, dolmades, chargrilled eggplant, pita toasts.

Mains we had a mesclun and roasted kumara and pumpkin salad with zhoug dressing and spicy walnut encrusted gurnard. The kids had tomato risotto.

Pudding? A delectable icecream of vanilla creme, chocolate shards and a rich raspberry gellee (otherwise known as jellytip icecream).

We sunk the lot with some Saint Clair Vicar's Choice 2004 Chardonnay (nice, light, simple) and some Villa Maria Gewurztraminer (quite spicy and rich).

And the company? An appreciative audience of my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, husband and kids.

Sounds? The Green Room,

and then some Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel! I've been a bit obsessed with the song since Garden State.

Thats right peeps, life in the fridge exists.


David said...

I thought you'd stolen my chairs for a moment. Until I spotted that you had five. I have four identical around a much less cool round table.

That's in the dining area of my apartment. In the lounging-TV-watching area I have a couple of outside deckchairs set up. They look a little... er... impermanent and down market.

Martha said...

Actually we only have four too, but in a cunning manner of extreme cunningness, our neighbours have the same chairs. If we want now we can seat 10 people on matching ones.

llew said...

How bizarre, I had Only Living Boy in my head as I was reading this...

Martha said...

And how bizarre that when I read this post this morning to make sure that in my slightly drunken state I hadn't written something wildly inappropriate, I found the only thing I needed to change was I called the song "Only living boy" instead of its full title - which I ammended.

Perhaps we have a psychic connection Llew. Spooky.

Jo Hubris said...

Your night sounds lovely. I wish I had a nice house and civilised friends to have dinner with. I guess I will have to stick to cheap tawdy sex in the toilets of bars with strangers instead*.

Grass is always greener.

*Except without the sex, of course, because like Kate I am all about the new hymen cultivation.

Jessie said...

I'm a civilsed friend of yours, Jo! Albeit that our dinners consist of you supplying me with recipes to attempt 500km away.

Mr Reasonable said...

Ah, the Francis Francis sits proudly on the side I see. I was worried the little magician was relagated after the new Bambino came to town.

Martha said...

Admittedly he doesn't see as much action as he used to, semi-retired, but still well loved.

Kate said...

I love your new table. Your home looks beautiful darling! I'm envious.

I'll be renting in a hole with my hymen ;)