Tuesday, October 11, 2005

From the Jackass school of humour

I got sent a concerned chain email today about the terrible art of Bonsai Kitty. Upon independent research, I found that the business, and consequently the chain letter, have been in circulation for a few years, which means you have probably all heard about it. If not check out the website here. I particularly like the Alessi shoehorn.


Rosiemunda said...

I don't understand! is it a joke or actually really disgusting?

Me stupied sorry

Martha said...

It is a joke, which to start with I thought was a bit lame, but as I read on I got a little hysterical. Some bits are very funny - like the tools for Bonsai-ing your kitty at home.

Violet said...

I came across this website a while back, and at first was horrified at the sight of those poor little kitties in glass jars. But it is a joke - it's listed on one of those websites which expose hoaxes.