Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Music that makes my eyes leak

Some songs just take you there. You know. Back there, to when you were young and came home drunk and played music really loudly because you were pretty sure the neighbours might initially be a bit upset, but once they heard what you were playing, well, then they'd be grateful.

Be warned, these are a pretty middle of the road selection. That is the nature of the beast I fear.

1. It All Makes Sense - The Lightning Seeds. This song was used recently on a child cancer ad - to great effect I might ad. It is lovely, and when I think about it I get a bit leaky, so imagine what happens when I listen. I get the feeling that Alan might feel the same way.

2. Back for Good - Take That. I saw Gary Barlow from Take That play this at a record company schmooze thingy in Auckland, and have been a bit obsessed with the song since. As many people who live on Austin St in Mt Vic will attest (sorry).

3. If I Had Words - The Vard Sisters. This is the song that the mice sing in Babe. It is repetitive and annoying, but still has the weepy factor "If I had words, I'd make a day for you, give you a morning golden and new, I would make this day last for all time, and give you a night dipped in moonshine". Actually it is a crap song.

4. Fire and Rain - James Taylor. This song was in Running on Empty, which starred River Phoenix, who is dead. Quite often leaky eye songs are related to dead celebrities. Also, I recently heard that James Taylor was singing about his wife. And he was on the Simpsons recently, with his particular brand of "middle of the road folk/pop". I love anyone on the Simpsons.

5. Stand - REM. Because I was 16 when this came out, and at that age you're very hormonal. So I remember it passionately. Not that any of that makes sense, but it just takes me back, you know?

I think that may be enough public humiliation for the time being.


Alan said...

Agree on 1).

Still trying to bring to mind songs that do that to me - maybe the last track on the Durutti Column's Vini Reilly album, for personal reasons contemporaneous with my purchase of that LP. And maybe... deep breath... the very thought of Greensleeves used as the theme for Lassie. There's something tragic about slow motion English Collie dogs.

Martha said...

Honestly Alan, there is no shame. They certainly aren't songs that qualify as favourites, simply tear-jerkers. And I can understand why Lassie had that effect. Bright Eyes from Watership Down should probably be on my list too.

Violet said...

I was once a huge REM fan, though my fave was probably Superman - and it didn't make my eyes leak. Nina Simone songs do that.