Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Bats

Come one come all.

The Bats are playing at Bodega on the 5th November. This is ample time for everyone to organise babysitters.

I recommend an early dinner (why not make the most of one of those cheap pre-theatre menus - Logan Brown - unless you're llew who can't ever show his face there again), followed by a leisurely stroll to the waterfront for the fireworks, then a rousing gig from the foremost talent in New Zealand music.
The Bats
Show up and I'll shout y'all a sip of my beer. Generous!

I'm hoping my parents will be doing their first overnight-looking-after-two-boys gig - Pamela, Terry? Whaddaya reckon?


Noski said...

The Bats live are AWESOME. I will be there with bells on. The last time I saw them at Bodega, I was pregnant and paranoid about what the noise / smoke might do to my unborn...this time I want to really rock out.
Oh, and hey parents, while you've got two kids, might as well have another eh?

Emily said...

Ooh, that is exciting - definitely time for some organising. The all night babysitter is great if you can get it. And I might even be able to drink alcohol by then!

Violet said...

I love The Bats; I love Logan Brown too.

Make Tea Not War said...

We might well be up for it...

Martha said...

It may just be an anonymous group of acquaintances hooking up for a good time (while peering furtively over their Gizzy Golds).

And Emily, I sincerely hope you won't be able to drink by then.