Sunday, October 02, 2005

Freaks and geeks

We have had a very interesting outing today. We went to the model railway show at the Kennel Club in Porirua.

It was all good. It started well with the sign at the entrance which said "No fouling in the building". I was reassured by this, knowing how overexcited people can become by model railway.

The exhibition was huge. There were two large rooms, and 10s of model railways. Some were pretty boring, realistic representations of American rail. Yawn. Desert with train. We saw one display of a railway in Germany we have travelled on (between Freiburg and Basel if you're really interested).

There were a couple of pretty cool displays. One had a working gondola, flashing fire-engines, a merry-go-round and lots of bright pretty colours.

Thomas the Tank Engine appeared a few times. Given that we were there for Finn, this was great.

The crowds were - ahem- a varied and fascinating crew. I think there were probably quite a lot of people there who work in mail-rooms. I myself have some experience in a mail room, so I feel well qualified to comment.

Entrance for the family was $10. Total bargain. I'm planning to return there to see a dog show one of these days too. The whole place was fascinating.

7 comments: said...

I didn't go this time, but I have been two times before. Once in Tawa, and the last time in the Queens Event centre. unforunately the displays don't change at all from what I can tell so I didn't bother going this year.
The price isn't bad, except for the one at Queens event centre where Ticketekwere doing the admissions. Ticketekreally suck and I was very annoyed with them. They had advertised it as (can't remember exact values, but this gets the point across): Adults: $5, Children $3, Family $11

So there were three of us: Wife, son, and me:
Ticketek: "$13 please"
Ben: "We are a family, it says $10"
Ticketek: "You need 3 children for a family" [W.T.F??]
Ben: "I think you mean 'a maximum of 3 children'"
Ticketec: "No, its a consession ticket and its for 3 children" [Is this an explanation??]
After a bit more tooing and froing with me getting crosser
Ben: "Go and get someone who actually knows something as this is rediculus and I am sure you have it wrong"
Someone else is brought in who explains that they are right however they will let us in for the family ticket.

Just as well as I was about to point out that their signs never mentioned this clause and they would be hearing some more about misleading advertising.

This really isn't anything about the railway thing, that was good, it is a rant about the stupidity of Ticketek.
So just to clarify I would like to make the following points:
1) Ticketek suck
2) I hate Ticketek
3) Ticketek = Boneheads
4) Ticketek [and words not appropriate for public display]

That feels better, I have been holding on to that rant for a year now and finally I have had a forum to express it :-)


David said...

It's like Caescescu era Romania... they want to encourage people to have children.

Kate said...

Public outings often remind me why education is so important.

But I guess we need the place fillers - pity they use up the oxygen.

Lippy said...

At least no-one fouled in the exhibition. Or did they? Model train enthusiasts can be so tricky...

David said...

Did the Train Spotters sniff each others bums?

Ms Vile File said...

Where's the fun if you are not allowed to foul in the building?

Anonymous said...

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