Friday, October 14, 2005

Tagged - again!

Make Tea Not War has tagged me. Here are 20 random things about me.

1. I didn't finish 6th Form as I was overseas, but they let me through anyway.
2. I have worked as a caterer, florist, pharmacy assistant and babysitter. You could say I have the makings of a good wife.
3. My eyes are a funny colour.
4. I never learned how to use apostrophes, so basically I wing it.
5. Green lollies make me want to hurl.
6. I can crochet, but I don't.
7. I like people who are older than me.
8. My family live close, and I like it that way.
9. I can only wear high heels for about 23 minutes.
10. The first time I got drunk I was 14, on 6 Steinlagers.
11. I can't remember what a First 5/8 is.
12. I played hockey for 7 years and never knew the rules.
13. I once read a lot of books. Now I read a lot of magazines.
14. I found $7 on the road when I was 8. I bought a butterfly net.
15. I wear glasses almost always now.
16. I wish I was Madonna.
17. I was Head Boy.
18. If I didn't have children, I'd sell the car and buy a Reuben Patterson painting.
19. A woman has just pulled up outside to buy a copper I sold on trade me.
20. I wish I had done architecture. Instead I enrolled and got frightened off by the maths and physics lectures.

I tag


Jo Hubris said...

You were Head Boy? Really? Is this a Angel joke like Wesley being Head Boy?

Martha said...

Remember I was at Onslow. We were a pseudo-rebellious lot (ie not at all). Basically they needed head boy and girl to do things that head boys and girls do with other schools.

Make Tea Not War said...

I can sort of crochet too- but also don't.

stephen said...

I would have bought $7 worth of boiled lollies, or "Dominion Mix" as they seem to be called now.

Martha said...

I think the butterfly net only cost a couple of dollars. The rest probably was spent on a mixture. it was a very exciting amount of money, and I still feel a little guilty for not giving it to the police.

Mr Reasonable said...

With reference to No.2, I think you would have a very successful career making cakes out of illicit drugs that you would hydroponically grow, harvest and beautifully cook and serve with good coffee.

Martha said...

Perhaps a move to the Coromandel is in order.

My more recent occupations have involved being a researcher. I shall begin the research into the perfect drug cake and latte.

Mike said...

14. I found $7 on the road when I was 8. I bought a butterfly net.

That is so cool