Monday, October 17, 2005


Here is our garden pre-lawn
Building a garden

and here it is with new lawn as of Saturday
Lovely grass

Please note:

Expensive and addictive coffee toy that we may never give up. Yes, it really does live in our backyard.

Poor diver at the front of the picture, who is that dude from the legend who was diving when the helicopter with the monsoon bucket picked him up - and deposited him in Petone. He is shrinking by the day.

Please don't note:

Collection of motley plants.

Chock full recycling bin (although at least we recycle our empties).

Assorted crap.


Violet said...

wow -you have your own expresso bar?

Kate said...

The grass looks lovely! Such a vivid green. I love digital.

Rosiemunda said...

wow, it look beautifull. Maybe you should give that diver a ice cream tub with some water in it.

Are you selling coffe from you cart? Or is it just for you guys?

Martha said...

In theory we are supposed to be selling coffee, and finding a fulfilling career in the process. In reality we drink nice coffees every day, and we are a popular morning destination for friends in the weekend.

We've decided that even if we never sell another coffee, we'll probably hang on to the wee cart, because by crikey it is addictive.

Jessie said...

Yay, nice backyard! Great lawn.

Martha said...

Thanks Jessie, I value your expert compliment!

Mr Reasonable said...

Does the hosepipe connect to the machine to deliver hot espresso direct to the kitchen? If only......

Brena said...

If so any chance of a pipe install in Newtown?