Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm going out (so we'd better get this party started)

I am very very excited. While I have a super hot social life in Petone, Glen and I haven't been into town at the same time together of an evening for ... oh .... about 5 months? And then I was breastfeeding, so still kind of unable to have a riotous time.

And this weekend - we're going out! With friends! And beer! And curry! And it will be spiffing.

Our lovely new neighbours are doing the honours with the babysitting, and I'm optimistic that we can come to a mutually agreable arrangement which will see them enjoying a rampant social life, and us too.

I feel like 10 years have been lifted from my shoulders.


David said...

Why not just leave the short people home alone? As long as you leave a bowl of water and a bowl of biscuits on the floor, then they should be just fine.

Kate said...

Rock on! Have fun with your big bad selves (ie the both of you!)

tinks said...

Excellent news - were I in town this weekend I would have bought you both a drink somewhere classy.

Martha said...

David, you're obviously not around kids much. You can't really get away with that until they're at least 18 months.

Thanks Kate. I'm hoping to see you stagger past at some point.

And Tinks, I think we're gonna have to ease ourselves back into classy. It is certainly something to aspire to however. Until then you'll just have to come out here and have a drink at the new Speights Bar, now that is class.

David said...

Do the midget people chase sticks? Maybe they could amuse themselves down at the park or the beach while you go out?