Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm back, after a full 2 days away from the internet. It wasn't too bad actually. And I suppose going online at the library in Martinborough means I only really spend one day away from the web. It was very mortifying have a picture of the Hoff and Mr Selleck appear on the screen in a very nice, elegant wee library. And they wouldn't sort of GO when I tried to navigate away from the page.

I've returned very very cultured, and I imagine you'll see the effects of it in this blog. I'll probably take to writing about literature and art, rather than the Hoff and ... what the hell else do I write about? Myself! I'll still write about myself, or I'd have to change the name of the blog to Arts and Letters or something.

We had a corker time. Bought some art, drank some wine, read a book, two Cuisines and all of the Saturday and Monday papers. That is what no internet will do for a person.

We ate some pretty fabulous chocolate at Schoc, and ate some pretty tremendous pastries at the French Baker, and tried on some boots that cost almost as much as our house. That was fun. The woman even thought I might actually buy them - hahahahhahahahha.

And now I'm back, and all set to start being a very cultured kind of person for the rest of my life, I'll begin just after I check the latest fug.


Oy Vey said...

ohh, cab sav and pomegrante truffles! i desperately need some therapy.

juli ryan said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. We need us some time away--my husband is growing increasingly petulant about my internet habit. A schoc bribe is sure to help.