Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Labour debate

Is anyone going to this?

Come and support Labour in the
Wellington Region
for an evening of fun: a Celebrity Debate!

Thursday 4 May 2006

6.30pm, for a 7.00pm start

The Teams!

Labour MPs Radio Presenters

Lianne Dalziel David Slack

Darren Hughes Peter Harris

Maryan Street Bernard Beckett

The Chair/MC/Adjudicator!

Marian Hobbs, MP for Wellington Central


David Farrar said...

How much is it?

Martha said...

$25, which includes drink and nibbles. I've never been to anything like it, so I've got no idea what it will be like. What do you think?

David Farrar said...

Dalziel is a very seriously funny person in these debates and almost worth it by herself.

Would be good to know the topic. Not that it matters a lot as both teams will just slag each other off.

$25 is about average and not bad for including drinks. If it were not for the fact it was raising money for evil spawn :-) I'd be tempted to go. If you tend to vote for said evil spawn I'd recommend it as a fun night. One of the more enjoyable ways to help a party fund-raise.

Martha said...

Sounds like a goer then, as I do tend to vote for the evil spawn!

llew said...

I'm sure David Slack will want to meet the Martha of the Nation too!

Martha said...

Arghh, I'm not sure I'm going. I haven't been able to rope anyone in (family all otherwise committed, friends frightened of politics), and we can't get a babysitter, so Glen can't join me.

Are you going?

llew said...

No - busy on Thursday...

where exactly is it being held?

Martha said...

Loaves and Fishes hall - you know, next to the big church on Molesworth St.

Ah well, I prob won't go then, not that I'm trying to stalk you or anything...