Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Our mission - should we choose to accept it...

As well as deciding to be waaaaaaaay more cultured (which I'm starting later, actually), while we were sitting in Greytown drinking our coffees, we thought we might try and look much richer.

I'm not really sure how to go about it.

Obviously there has to be more to it than spending lots of money, because, well, we haven't got lots of money to spend on doing it.

So what do rich people look like?

Mmmm, hot. So we need a suit for Glen, and a comb-over (note to self: stop cutting hair on top).

Perhaps we need to dress like someone a bit more hip.


Sunglasses - check

Dirty old t shirt - check

Long sleeved dirty old t shirt - check

Belt - check

Jeans - check

But what about me?

Well, Oprah is rich
but I can't do the leather thing.

What the hell do rich women wear?

Yay Paris! As luck would have it, the Warehouse has everything I need to look like this particular heiress. Watch out New Zealand, I'm gonna look RICH.


Mandy said...

You'll need a handbag-sized dog as well. Or does the Warehouse sell those too?

Martha said...

No, sadly they don't. However, I have a plan to get a coiffed rat - and that should pass as a chihuahua.

Kerry said...

You go girl!!
Attitude is important too.

Kate said...

Look at her feet! Did her mother shag a Wookiee?