Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ha! Holidays

No more lectures for 2 weeks. I do enjoy my class a lot, but it is a very looooooong night. By 9pm everyone is pretty shattered.

Tonight on our break I had a gin and tonic. Sweet nectar of the gods - if the tonic were fizzy, and the lemon given a light squeeze. Nevermind, the fact that it was so illicit (taken in a class break) made it taste pretty good.

On re-reading that it sounded very very seedy. We go down to the cafe/bar for our break, so it wasn't in a hip flask or nuffin - although that would be cool and a little bit McGyver.

Now I'm having a nice cab sav (hot tip: on sale at Woolworths, Villa Maria Cellar Selection Cab Sav Merlot down from $24 to $13.99. Very bloody delicious).

I've just now realised that it is a holiday over Easter, and I'm pretty much free to enjoy it. I'll be sleeping as much as is socially acceptable.

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