Sunday, April 16, 2006


I've done the duathlon and I came first!

Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha. You don't really know me at all eh? I didn't come anywhere near first, but the achievement is in the finishing. And the free powerade. And the digital watch you get that glows red and purple and green. And the very attractive free t shirt.

I'm so tired. Sportiness is TIRING. Why do people do it?

Wellington turned on the wind, can you imagine? So the fact I hadn't really learned how to change gears on my mother's bike became a bit of a hassle. Still, it was a pretty interesting experience, in a scientific fashion. For instance, did you know that sporty people aren't WOMEN. They're "ladies" and "girls". I'm not sure which criteria I fall into. On the one hand, I'm quite old, and have kids and so on, but on the other, I'm not very mature. In a good way.

Perhaps I'm buzzing right now on endorphins. Or maybe I've got 'roid rage. I like the sound of that.



Dodderyoldfart said...

Good on you...!
Now away to the couch and a few dozen easter eggs...

Violet said...

that's excellent. you make me fell like such a lazy old fart.

Mandy said...

Well done. It's not the winning that counts. It's the chance to feel smug and superior over lazy people afterwards.

susan said...

Wow. (Though I walked 3.5 k with the kids which has to count for something).

But anyway; I was on Courtney Place tonight and noticed that drinking people aren't women either. They're ladies and girls too, that is, I think they're all both. For a "girls' night out" one can go to "ladies' night" at most pubs. I can tell they really aren't "women's nights" because it's wine and cocktails that are cheap, not beer or straight spirits.

Tuco said...

Hi Martha, I was just searching for blogs about "duathlons" and came across yours. Sportiness is tiring eh? Duathlons are actually easy enough, but those nuts who do IronMans are out of their minds.
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Best wishes!