Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Martha of the nation

Since Judy Bailey has been retired, New Zealand is lacking someone in the "Mother of the Nation" role. Kate Hawkesby will never do, frankly she is just a little too - um - available.

So I figure I'd better step in. Obviously I'll firstly have to get a journalism diploma, and then get a job as a newsreader (skipping the whole tedious reporter bit), and then I'll look doe eyed and a bit sniffly when sad children are on the telly, and voila! I'm your new Mother of the Nation.


Jo Hubris said...

You're going to bake for us too, right?

hers said...

That bloody awful Kaye off Goodmorning sees herself as a Judy replacement I think. But she's too boring.

You need to do a couple of things.

1. Adopt a heavyweight charity - and be seen to be doing good. Or at leasst be seen.
2. Practice that slightly tilted chin look. The one that gives an air of concern and lets us all know that you'd fix it if you weren't busy with your charity.

llew said...

ANd you need that slightly mysterious air of a straight-laced girl who secretly parties...

You just need the air though, probably don't actually have to hot-tub with Ridgey & Ellis.

Martha said...

I'll bake, do charity work, tilt my chin and hot tub with the best of them.

Basically I'll do anything to get to the top.