Sunday, April 30, 2006


Please talk me out of being obsessed with this.

Bluff for goodness sake.


Anne said...

$350,000? Bargain!
(That hardly buys a doer up villa, with or without pink lounge suite, in Petone.)
What an interesting looking place!
What do you call those sticky-out-the-front awning things? Wouldn't have ever guessed there was one in Bluff! I LOVE it, for me that's the best bit!

Martha said...

If only it were down the road, it would be a total no brainer, but it is just so faaaarrrrrr.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Wow! What a delightful rough diamond!

And the Bluff Bed and Breakfast has potential too! Delightful Art Deco features, a kick-ass galley, and nothing $100k worth of rennovations would solve. The icy arctic wind might wreak havoc with your pokey nipples though. And the locals' Rrrrrrolled "Rrrrs" would drrrrive you nuts.

I am new to Blogging, having lived under a rock in the back of a dark cave since 1580.

Yours is very interesting. I checked out a couple of others, and wept to be killed to save me from the tedium. Yours I like.

Martha said...

Excellent. Always good to have a happy punter.

I've been continuing my obsessing and have in my mind moved into the hotel. It is cold, but I have a heater. And I'm from the South Island myself, so my rrrrrs are a little rrrolled already.