Thursday, April 13, 2006


I hate to be a pedant. Well, actually I love to be a pedant on the rare occasion that I know I'm right.

So why is TV3 advertising the 20th anniversary of ET? When they show the ads I think "man, if this is only 20 years old, it is deeply troubling that I was so extremely in love with Elliot" - he was mini! and 20 years ago I was pubescant.

So, for your relief, I didn't fancy someone that mini. The movie was released in 1982, when I was 10. There is no "20 year anniversary" about it. Thank god.

And once again, any poor grammar is due to booze.

Damn you tasty chardonnay ( I don't care if it is less fashionable than pinot gris, I like it, okay?).

Update: I have read and re-read this post, and while it is written terribly, I bet if you'd had as much as me to drink, you'd be loving it and gagging to say something inappropriate about Drew Barrymore.


Alan said...

Drunk blogging is a serious danger. Just don't do it.

Martha said...

I was feeling very edgy when I woke up that I may have written something more inappropriate, but I'm quite relieved that is isn't THAT bad.

But in future, I won't.

dritchie said...

The version of the film which they played last night came out in 2002 with extra scenes and some things removed for sensitivity reasons (*sigh*), and ET replaced with CGI in some shots (*extra sigh*). So it is the 20th Anniversary edition, but tv3 are helpfully showing it 4 years later.