Thursday, April 13, 2006

When the cats away...

...or sitting on the internet, the little micies will play


It was one of those many moments of acting disapproving, then going out of the room to laugh hysterically.

This will also act as a public forum to "encourage" Glen to finish tiling the bath.


hers said...

That takes me back to when my eldest daughter was about a year old. She was sick with chicken pox or some other childhood illness. After a couple of days of crying (on both our parts) I found that the only way to keep her quiet was to allow her to destroy a packet of tissues.

Martha said...

yeah, sometimes the best thing to do is what will make them happy.

susan said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you. My problems are normal! Or at least my children are normal, my problems might be a bit more crazed. Last week I had a control-freakout when the second roll was finished in a day. I found myself snatching the roll out of my daughter's hands and doling it out piece by justified piece.
"It's still wet!"
"Your bits are supposed to be wet, you're a girl."
"My leg is wet!"