Friday, April 21, 2006

Tom Selleck vs The Hoff

Not so long ago Glen and I had a discussion about Tom Selleck and the Hoff, and who is/was more famous, who you'd do, and who'd beat the other in a battle.
Glen argued that Tom Selleck was just as big as the Hoff in Magnum PI days, and that I was just too young to know.
I argued that the Hoff has been around forever, and is basically just more popular overall.

Whaddaya reckon?

To be honest, it may be hard to think straight with your hormones all seething because of the sexy pictures I've posted. Try and rise above it people.


natalie biz said...

my god. one can only imagine the struggle would be titanic.

something like this, hopefully.

The Hoff is more famous, but Selleck'd kick his arse.

Oy Vey said...

Hmm...tough call. I agree The Hoff has had a more brilliant career, but Tom isn't shmaltzy. And he's aged better, IMO, because he doesn't try to wear leather pants.

Martha said...

Ms Nat, that is a very intense fight scene, and if my hormones weren't seething already with Tom and the Hoff, well whuawhuawhuawhuawhuuuuuuuuuuua.

Real life action figures.

And Oy Vey, you're bang on. I like Tom a lot more, although he does have the squeaky voice. But yeah, the Hoff has had more success.

juli ryan said...


Vicus Scurra said...

Post something else please.
Goldie Hawn would be favourite.
I don't want to look at those two morons.
Do you get a picture of some butt ugly old git when you come over to my site?

Martha said...

Ahh Vicus, my site, my morons.

But Goldie Hawn is also hot, if you're a bit older I suppose.

stephen said...

But can Tom Selleck do this?

susan said...

I actually hadn't heard of The Hoff until earlier this year, and that was probably from you anyway. I don't believe he really exists and if he did he wouldn't be my type. So to me Tom Selleck is much famouser, and while not my type either, I seem to remember he cut rather a dash as a 1930s jewel thief in Lassiter but that was in 1984 which is a lot longer ago.