Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Did they rock?

Hell no! Nickelback that is, they were a shit sandwich, or as I heard someone say on the way out "bunch of dreary fucking wankers".

But the Rolling Stones? They were marvellous. It was hellishly exciting. The stadium is such a cool venue. All the seats had a good view of the stage (although the band looked tiny, thank god for the big screen). The sound quality suffered a bit, I suspect through the wind.

They played all the hits I can think of. Sympathy for the Devil, Start Me Up, Honky Tonk Woman, Give me Shelter (this was AMAZING, they had this super foxy backup singer do the screamy cool bit, and she was hot), and they finished with Satisfaction. There were fireworks and great visuals.

The biggest surprise was when the middle part of the stage started moving, and came all the way forward to the halfway line at the stadium, right through the crowd.

We were sitting amongst a fairly representative section of the audience, meaning that I was the youngest by about two decades. Everyone was in good spirits, and man those oldies can drink.

Mick Jagger was just amazing. 62! You would never guess he was so old, he ran around for a full 2 hours, the guy is a dynamo.

And Keith lit up a fag, which everyone thought was deeply cool, and he warbled a couple of songs.

Ronny did some nice poses, and looked sort of unlikely.

Charlie looked like a sophisticated musician type (not surprisingly), and was a lot more handsome than the others with his snowy hair.

It was a really fun night.


llew said...

Yeah, it was great. Much better than I expected.

And that moving stage sequence was fantastic! Rousing.

And I was a good decade younger than most of the audience myself.

An odd thing to say, I know, but I thought Jagger's pants were really cool. I wonder if they had fashion credits in the programme that I didn't buy. What's the chances Mick's dressed by Rodd & Gunn?

Domestic Goddess said...

I am green with envy, glad they rocked, teach those non believers a lesson, thanks for the review.

Martha said...

Llew, I asked Glen during the gig if Jaggers pants were totally dated or totally timeless.

You never know though, Rodd and Gunn tries for a fashionable look (ahem).

And Ms Goddess, cheers, you would have loved it.

llew said...

It may be you need skinny legs to do them justice.

And as it happens, the skinniest part of me by far are my legs.

Have to be careful to avoid the turnip look though.

Martha said...

Well all the young uns are wearing the skinny jeans this year, I say, give it a shot Llew.

Mr Reasonable said...

We were the odd ones out opting for David Gray supported by Peter Murry. They were both great but David Gray was incredible. Simple Minds next.