Friday, May 19, 2006

And then there was peace, and all was good

Quiet house. 3 assignments to do. Procrastinating taken to a new level.

I don't think I'm going to do a course next semester. I only need to do one more paper to finish my PGDipverylongtitle, however it totally cramps my style. How can I be this kind of earth child, footloose and fancy free, hard rockin' mama, when I have to sit around reading articles and presenting information.

I tried to find a boring article title to make the previous sentence more interesting, but to be fair the course I'm doing is hellishly interesting.

Next semester I'm enrolled in Political Communications. That sounds hellishly interesting too, and I can see that I'm not going to be the freewheeling mama for a good while yet.



llew said...

so bored, you posted the same one twice?

Martha said...

Just making sure you're paying attention.

Kate said...

Sorry, what? I missed that. ;)