Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Breakfast tv

For some reason I found myself watching Breakfast on TV1 this morning.

That bloody idiot sports guy (Stephen something) was talking about the oldest man to conquer Everest - a 70 year old Japanese guy - who left a picture of his dog on the summit.

Stephen somefuckingthing said "lucky he didn't take the dog, I probably shouldn't say this, but lucky he didn't eat the dog".

Am I missing something? To my ears it sounded like a racist slur, but perhaps there is something I don't know about dogs on mountains. I know that Saint Bernards frolic around with wee barrels of rum tied to their necks. Perhaps dogs on Everest taste like chocolate?


tinks said...

Could have been a horribly misguided reference to one of the early Antarctic crossing attempts, in which the team were forced to eat their huskies, an act that led to their downfall, as apparently some part of a dog is poisonous when eaten raw.

The Breakfast TV presenters make me angry too.

Martha said...

Ahh, good thinking.

Although I don't think that is what he meant. He is, after all, a pillock.

llew said...

Yes, because everyone knows that the japanese don't eat dogs, they eat whales.

So lucky he didn't take his whale up the mountain eh?

Someone should tell Stephen he got it wrong.

St Bernards carry brandy surely? Although I came across one the other day & some other fucker must have got to the brandy first, because there wasn't any.

ALso... in our suburb there is a woman called Brandy who has ... a chihuahua. What's with that?

Martha said...

Bugger, you're right of course. In fact they probably carry schnapps, or Jagermeister. I think I'd want Jagermeister if I was stuck in the mountains.

I had a guinea pig once called Brandy, and Whisky and Champagne. Even at 8 I was all class.

Mike said...

What a plonker - particularly as he KNEW that what he was about to say was "naughty" ... some people!

Did St Bernards (or Chihuahua's - cricket that's a hard word to type, and well done Llew for supplying the spelling) really ever carry brandy bottles on their collars - really, or is it a Bugs Bunny cartoon thing?

llew said...

We may have to consult wikipedia to put the lie to the myth. Or whatever.

ooh.. schnapps. I recall getting really drunk & ill drinking schnapps with a lovely girl called Rebecca while trying to decide the best time to ask if she wanted a good... exercising.

i really should have cut to the chase & not the schnapps.

Have not touched it since.

Violet said...

cheeky bloody whitey.

llew said...

I know., they all look the same

David said...

If I was going to climb Everest with a dog, I'd want to take a dog with some coolness factor. It wouldn't look good to be kitted up with thousands of bucks worth of goretex jackets, tinted goggles, ice axes, carabiners, and coloured rope. But with a poodle in tow.

I think if you took a sausage dog, you could use it to stop wind blowing in under the flap of your tent.

llew said...

And if it was food you wanted... I think you'd be better off climbing Everest with a pig.

Martha said...

Or a gnu. Or a yak.