Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Brilliant idea

We had this brilliant idea, which would turn our humble palace into the palace of our dreams. It involved a small screen (about 600mm x 2000mm) made of plywood, with 12 holes, about 100mm in diameter, cut out of it. It was a total copy from a gorgeous house in a magazine. Very simple and effective.

How much would you reckon it would cost to get the holes cut out of a piece of ply? The ply is probably worth about $30. The holes? $650 + gst = $680 + gst.

We've moved into a crazy universe. Our builder removed a window and weatherboarded the large gap for less than that. Needless to say we're going to have to live without a small holey piece of timber.


llew said...

Do you have an electric drill?

You can get those hole saw bits (they're kind of weird & I have never used one) from mitre 10 & the like for very little - you could drill your own holes?

llew said...

To clarify a little... they're like loops of band saw blade, which somehow attach to your drill... and they do large holes, rather than the small ones from regular bits.

Martha said...

I think that is what we'll end up doing. We have one of those sets, but they're quite a lot smaller than the holes we were after. In fact, the joiner had to get a place that uses a computerised cutter to do it, so it is a bit more complicated than we imagined.

Well, than I imagined. I think Glen had a fairly good idea it would be a bit of a mission.

tinks said...

Get the wood, draw right-sized circles, drill a smaller hole in the middle, then put a jigsaw in and cut out the lines. Easy peasy japaneasy!

Wood: $50 (use marine ply)
Jigsaw: $40 (prob cheaper at warewhare)
Having the house of your dreams: priceless