Tuesday, May 16, 2006

House of tired

Chief of Exercise here. Early start at the gym. That sounds very odd. I didn't do all of my programme, as I had no recollection of how to do the sideways one armed push up, nor of the Grabthars Hammer pull, nor of the lunge. I wouldn't want to muck up the lunge and frighten people. I did all the other things though, the cross-training, the rowing nowhere, the lateral pulldowns (laterally), the pelvic tilts. It was okay, not really to be recommended, but if you do it early enough you're not really aware you're there, and you don't have to do it for the rest of the day. Hooray!

The boys ran around for 2 hours at Junglerama in Newtown, and didn't even crack a sweat. I'm prescribing more lateral pulldowns and static rowing for them.

It all "no pain no gain" from here on in, baby.


Jessie said...

I very much dislike rowing nowhere.

Jo Hubris said...

I went through stages with rowing, first it was okay, then I despised it, and now I'm liking it again.

The cross trainer is still my favouritest though. And the lat pull downs, cos I get to sit down on something that's not a bike seat.

Martha said...

The crosstrainer is strange, because it doesn't feel like anything else I do in my life.

I think next time I'll use a different rower so I can watch the videos. It was pretty boring. I suppose exercise is.

Jo Hubris said...

For me, when I am on the crosstrainer (which took a while to get used to), I close my eyes, turn up my music and pretend I am dancing at a gig or party and mouth along, as well as adding in occasional extra wiggles. Here now let me present you my hot tips to duplicate this effect.

Jo Hubris's Top Ten Crosstrainer Songs
+ Modest Mouse - 'Float On'
+ Beyonce - 'Crazy in love'
+ The Bravery - 'An honest mistake'
+ Xtina - 'Dirrrty'
+ Arcade Fire - 'Rebellion (Lies)'
+ The Sugababes - 'Round round'
+ Tupac - 'California Love'
+ The Walkmen - 'The Rat'
+ Arcade Fire - 'Power Out'
+ Britney - 'Toxic'