Monday, May 22, 2006

Baby Brangelina

Yes, I have got better things to worry about.

No, I don't want to.

So place your bets here for birth date, time and gender for the Namibian born starchild. Due date was the 18th, but who can say if that is true.

Also take a punt on a name.

I'm guessing Kali Pitt-Jolie for a girl and Afafa Pitt-Jolie for a boy (which means first child of a second husband).

I should point out a certain amount of interest in how this baby turns out, as frankly Glen and I often get mistaken for the Jolie-Pitts.


Alan said...

Really? I was thinking Clooney & ah, sheesh, how am I going to pick a name and stay alive?

(Oooo, I know)

I was thinking Clooney & Kidman instead.

Martha said...

Yeeees, good luck with your picks there Alan.

Mmmm, Cloons.

Domestic Goddess said...

I wonder what is swahili for 'Child of jumbo ju ju lip Brad stealing floozy'

Martha said...

Hell, if I could steal Brad Pitt, I would. Although probably less so now he is a daddy.

No Brad. Back off.

Rosiemunda said...

ooh this is good. I reckon the 27th, a boy, named . . .


There you go,