Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crack killed Apple Jack

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. That is me having a big hearty, happy sigh.

Glurrrrrrrrrp. That is me having a hearty, glurpy glass of wine.

The whole student gig is almost worth it for the joy of finishing another piece of assessment. Not done well, but managing to include Madonna. Thankfully over with.

And my god South Park is hilarious and irreverent. Whale on the moon! (Exclamation marks appear to be okay today too).


Rosiemunda said...

I gather you are a fan of dancing with the stars. If this is true you should visit my friends blog for a first hand account that I think will make you green, te he

Martha said...

Ohhh, thanks Rosie. I'll have a nose.

Martha said...

Ha! I am green. How fabulous, I wonder if I could get a ticket to one of the shows?

Jessie said...

That whale on the moon ending was superb!

Anonymous said...

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