Thursday, May 04, 2006


I've still got this goddamn sore back. I've gone through all the nurofen in the house, and now I'm working my way through the cataflam. I should be okay for a while, as I've been hoarding panadol in case of a bird flu outbreak, and have enough to medicate a small town.

I tried to get an appointment with a doctor this morning, but they seem to not exist these days. I was offered a registrar, but I have to go in and fill out the forms today to make the practice my healthcare provider. Then I'm only able to ever see registrars (who are only there for 5 months), and not until tomorrow. No offence to them, but I kind of have that old school idea that you might actually try and build a relationship with your doctor, and grow to love and trust them, eventually stalking them at the supermarket.

If my back is still sore tomorrow, that is when I'll make the appointment. I'm an optimist, and I don't believe in doctors appointments a day ahead. We all know that doing so will make you recover about 20 minutes before you shell out $65.

So I've gone to my old friend the internet, diagnosed a back strain, and prescribed sugar, any available painkillers, strong coffees and time. I anticipate I'll be dancing on tables again by Saturday.


susan said...

I prescribe no heavy lifting. What's that? You have little children? Oh well, I guess you'll just have to live with it until they get older then.

Seriously, there's a really cool couple of books: Treat Your Own Back and Treat Your Own Neck by Robin McKenzie. They're really really good, and probably cheaper than the Dr. or physio (who you may go to without having been to a Dr. first).

hers said...


I prescribe lying down. Hot water bottles and adoption of slaves.

Martha said...

Thanks Susan! I've just had a look at it, and it looks worth a trip to Whitcoulls for. Can you recommend a good physio? I wasn't sure if I could go directly to one, but I'd rather do that than go to the doctor.

Thanks Hers, slaves sound ideal - although the problem with my back is that walking is more comfortable than lying down - what is with that?

llew said...

If you go through a doctor, won't ACC cover the physio?

I go to a chiropracter once every 2 months - she did wonders for my back pain.

BTW - panadols are really easy to OD on apparently, as few as 7 a day can cause liver damage very quickly.

I stopped using them when I heard that & only use aspirin & nurofen now.

My liver needs all the help it can get.

Martha said...

Good point. I'm not onto the panadols yet. Although I understand you need paracetamol for bird flu - and you mustn't give kids disprin.

Oh complex world.

I think the doctor would cost as much as going straight to the physio - even with ACC? I'm not such a fan of doctors, so I'm happy to bypass that step.

Anna said...

Yes, you can go straight to a physio and they will fill the ACC papers out for you without the need for a doctor, who will charge you to hear 'get thee to a physio' anyway. Used to work at a doctor's surgery so know this for a fact! [Although can't recommend any physios, sorry.]

Anna said...

BTW, I strained my lower back swinging an axe [yeah, serves me right] a few years back and the doc gave me some little blue pills called Synflex [?] which did the trick, and after a few weeks I felt better. I blamed my back muscles being soft and flabby post-birth [although baby was 9 months old at that stage...]
Good Luck!!

Mr Reasonable said...

I prescribe coffee and lots of it.

Kate said...

Check out what you need to say to get ACC. I think you need to tell them a precise moment when you strained your back to get cover. And lets say it was out exercising - you can say it was running, but you can't say it was walking because they don't cover that. It's a bit shite.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Back pain is a mere.

Martha said...

Ooh, good hot tip there Kate. Thanks.

And Anna, I don't think my back is entirely unrelated to post babydom - although baby is 19 months now - they definitely have a big effect on the ole body. I hope the doc gives me some blue pills.

Mr Reasonable, I'd love some, but frankly I'm lacking the energy at the minute.

Ha, word verification


Text for nerdy fuckers. Those blogger people are playing with us.

susan said...

I like Maarama and Charleen at Cashman Physiotherapy on the Terrace. As far as what works for ACC goes: I think any of

"Must've happened when I was going to hang out the washing, and I kind of twisted through the door",

"could've been when I was lifting him from his cot",


"probably when I carried all that shopping into the house while holding Malo."

should do it. Though I think the twisted washing is my favourite.

I went to Nelson with a baby, a toddler and luggage; I got a bit sore carrying them all. Then that night I read to the toddler who was on a mattress on the floor while breast-feeding the baby lieing on my back on a bed above. The next day my right shoulder hurt a bit, it didn't go away and so once I got home I went to the physio about it. I got ACC and did physio and exercises for quite some time and it got almost better but the shoulder still bothers me 20 months later; carrying a child on my left hip pulls it out of place. I think it'll come right if ever I stop re-straining it because on days when I haven't done any heavy lifting it's just fine.