Thursday, May 18, 2006


I went into the big smoke this morning. I was very excited because I had lots of vouchers to spend.

I bought:

10 placemats
6 teaspoons
4 cups
1 bag

I only tell you because I know that if you had been shopping, I'd want to know what you got.

Walking merrily back to the car I could see looming in the distance a bloody hippy holding a bloody clipboard.

Now, in the 80s I loved Greenpeace. In the 90s I didn't give them a thought, and now, with this new 'hassle everyone and make them feel guilty' approach - I bloody can't stand the bastards.

Why can't they stand with little boxes and stickers one Friday a year like every other worthy cause? You pay, you get your sticker, you leave, nobody bothers you for the rest of the day. The problem with the Greenpeace people is they NEVER leave you alone. And if you don't want to appear evil, you have talk to them every time.

I said pleasantly to this particular woman "I already joined!", which in all honesty is a complete lie. And she made this "that is a complete lie" kind of noise. Bloody disbelieving bloody mutter mutter...

GREENPEACE! Stop it with the fucking annoying people on the street. You do a good job of protecting our environment and raising awareness, but you are DRIVING PEOPLE AWAY.

I realise I'm not the first person to complain about this, and in fact I believe I've mentioned it when they invaded my stomping ground in charming Petone.

Update: I have no problems with hippies. Ms Guinness Girl was a little worried. Hippies are fine as long as they're not stopping me in the street to make me feel guilty and buy something. Some of my best friends are hippies. And ethnic. And of diverse sexual persuasions.

Update on the update: Guinness Girl has someone else in her life called M! I can't believe I'm not the only one....


David said...

I used to belong too. What put me off was that there are multiple solutions to environmental problems. And room for deciding whether an issue is actually a problem or not. But Greenpeace seemed to have a fixed position on everything that allowed no room for differing opinions. Which, I think, makes it a bit cult-like.

This was especially true when those positions were backed up with misinformation, or even straight out lies. Some of their arguments were getting very dodgy.

susan said...

Socks with fluffy stripes and paisley flannelette pyjamas from The Warehouse. Thanks for asking.

Oh yeah, and a pink ghetto blaster; a so-called Goth compilation cd which wasn't but I liked the songs (it sounds like party tapes from the early 90s), Masterpieces of Ballet, and inoffensive music by some young hottie that Iris took a fancy to the cover of.

Martha said...

Nice work Susan. The Warehouse is a good multi-item type of shopping experience. Who is the young hottie? Always interested in a young hottie.

I think our iriver would probably sound a lot like your compilation cd, as the early 90s were when the bulk of my music collection was acquired. Bless the student loan.

Rosiemunda said...

The worst thing is those people are being paid $15 an hour to harass you! It's true! ! !

Once a friend of mine was working for them so I joined partly to support the cause and partly because I thought it was great of him to be out there helping the world and after he signed me up I found out he was being paid!

Maybe I am oldfashioned but I don't think it is right use money people pay to save the planet to save smelly hippies.

hers said...

A child of ours, actually Her eldest son, joined Greenpeace because, basically it was the done thing on campus.

He got some little stickers in the mail that you could attach to the appliances and electrical points in your house to remind people to switch off, reduce consumption etc.

He put them, 18 year old darling child that he was, on every single power point and light switch to remind us to turn them off.

Our (large) house was on the market because as the family down-sized, so did our needs. We had a big idea, a universal plan to reduce consumption. I had to use a smelly poisonous chemical to get rid of the yuckky residue of the stickers.

Beloved child has now moved from saving the world to working towards being a lawyer. With his eyes on the $$$$.

What a lot of commas.

susan said...

Okay, so as you asked I went and dug Iris's new cd out from between Christmas Baby and A Classic Treasury of Nursery Songs and Rhymes and am playing it. Head Automatica's Decadence. It's not good: derivative of ordinary seventies rock it makes me want to reinvent punk on the spot. The woman dancing on the cover that Iris liked turns out to merely be an image and not the singer who is a weak-voiced panting young man. But at least they know "We're an electronic cock-rock band," says Palumbo in the review.