Friday, May 12, 2006

What have I done?

This morning at 7am I was at a very large, scary place.

Lord help me. After my recent running experience I realised that actually, I quite like being a little bit fit (primarily because you get to wear really comfortable clothes for that portion of the day). But it is very dark in the mornings now, and cold, and I can live without these excuses preventing me from exercise. So I joined the gym.

Last time I went to the gym was when I had my own shop. It was very off-putting to be huffing away on the treadmill and see a customer. Not to mention the fact that the Hurricanes trained there too. I'd be lying prone, trying to work up the energy to make my middle bit bend upwards, and some hulking great rugby player would walk past. It was very disconcerting.

I had my assessment today. First time. I don't think the nice young man really understood that people might not know how to lie on one side, working their obliques, teetering on one elbow.

I did like the instruction to have superman chest though. That means sticking out your bosoms (he he bosoms), and I'm down with that.


brena said...

May the force be with your bosoms... said...

Does Superman have bosoms?

Rosiemunda said...

I too have had the same hurricane experience at the gym. I assume your last gym was bodyworks where I used to go as a teen (sort of). One time I was on the mats trying to do sit ups when I noticed that Christian Cullen was doing sit ups next to me! I got all freaked out and my legs went wobbly so I just had to lie there. This was of course at a time when C.C. was hot property and my love for him as a sportsman made me think he was good looking when really he has a baby potatoe head and he is from oataki.

I like to spell potatoe with an e, maybe because i'm irish.

Martha said...

Yep, it was Bodyworks. I'm very proud of my young sister in law, who scored CC in the hot property days.

And I say spell things however the hell you like. And bless the irish.