Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kathryn Ryan

I really really wanted to enjoy Kathryn Ryan on National Radio. And I'm willing to keep an open mind.

At this stage she isn't really winning. She keeps laughing at bad self-made jokes, and using lots of puns. I heard her talking to a male nurse the other day, who was a very interesting and professional bloke. After talking for a while about the role of a male nurse, and whether he enjoyed his job, was taken seriously etc, she said "now you'll probably hate this question, but are you one of the girls?" wtf? (I can't swear on the blog anymore apparently - hahahahhahahahaha).

National Radio always seems to employ people who love Emmylou Harris. I want someone who likes Madonna for a change, thanks.

Actually, someone exactly like me would do. Cheers.


llew said...

The place is going to hell in a... handbag. Look for Sir Ed & Pinetree to move to Australia soon.

Perhaps she meant to ask if he scored with a lot of the girls.

Martha said...

That would have been a much better question, and one I would've asked for sure.

Ha! Live commentary about RNZ - Kathryn doesn't realise the mike is on over a story and keeps butting in.

Mike said...

Someone (in the Listener) called national Radio the Kath & Kim show with too much, Look at moi, look at moi!" which nails it for me.

I agree martha, you'd make a great presenter!!!

Martha said...

Thanks Mike. I don't think they'll give me the job though. I laugh at self-made jokes too.

I kind of wish that Gordon Harcourt got the job. Then it could be the Kim Gordon show, which is about as rock n roll as you can get.

tinks said...

My vote was for Noelle McCarthy, with the saucy Irish accent from b-FM, but I suspect I just like her the best because she made Don Brash confess he was in bed with the exclusive bretheran (so to speak).

stephen said...

She's not perfect, but she's not a fluffy-headed know-nothing like her predecessor. Linda Clarke used to make me turn off the radio in a fury.

While we're at it, how about that woman on Checkpoint who always poses questions as statements? And does Bryan Crump have a drinking problem?

Martha said...

Don't get me started on Jim Mora.

Yesterday he was interviewing Ian Athfield, started off asking about his famous Hataitai building with the turrets. Ian politely corrected him. Then he asked how Ian came up with his round windows and bright colours. Ian politely corrected him again, but I was MORTIFIED. Absolutely shameful.

And the Crump guy is definitely on something.