Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hey, I'm almost better! After an extremely appalling 10 days or so (I'm very stoic, so you wouldn't have known the extent of my suffering *stills a quivering lip*), I'm almost through the woods. A bit sore in a few spots, however nothing a few days of clean living won't fix.

Dammit though, you know what this means. As well as being more cultured, and looking more rich, I'm gonna have to be more healthy too.

Very soon I'll reach my goal of being EXACTLY LIKE MADONNA.


Em said...

Congratulations on your (almost) recovery! I just read your blog so have missed the whole drama - but am thinking of you now BELATEDLY.

After a health scare myself last year, I went through a brief period of increased healthiness, but oh how quickly the memories of illness faded and were replaced by the desire to watch tv and drink beer...

llew said...

Told ya the THC worked wonders!