Thursday, May 25, 2006

One for the boys

Although not about boobs (sorry).

I have fallen victim to insomnia of late. The key problem is my brain isn't racing with, well, racey stuff, but with boring "must remember to get some milk for the kids cereal i wonder if they will like thenewcerealfunnyhowcereallooksdifferentbuttastesthesame..."

Not riveting. So I asked Glen for something to think about.

"All Black squad" he muttered.

Now, I've lived in New Zealand my whole life, and watched a reasonable amount of rugby. However, I haven't ever been able to get my head around positions on the field, nor in fact any of the rules. Hence my team looked like this:

Murray Mexted - every team needs a mo'
Graham Thorne - one word, perm.
Grizz Wylie - every team needs someone called Grizz
Fitzy - Because he played until he was 86, and that is inspiring stuff
Christian Cullen - because my sister-in-law set her sights on him, and scored.
Tana - every team needs pigtails
Ma'a Nonu - Best. Name. Ever.
Rodney Soi'alo - Petone reprazent!
Pinetree Meads - A treeman. Like in LOTR. Cool.
John Timu - Got him once in a drinking game (he played rugby, I drank to him).
Foxy - because if I remember rightly, he put an end to all that nasty running and tackling biz.
Norm Maxwell - eye candy, and who is called Norm these days?

Apparently I'm missing a half back. Even with my meagre knowlege of rugby I suspect I must be missing a few other positions as well.

If you can suggest some additions to the dream squad, please do so. You have to have a really good reason they should be there though.


noizy said...

"Christian Cullen - because my sister-in-law set her sights on him, and scored."


Vicus Scurra said...

I scored with Christian Cullen as well. He is such a tart.

Dodderyoldfart said...

David Cunliffe (On The Loop Unbundler)

Graham Mourie, (Cultural Attache, side of the scrum)

N Watson (Hooker)

L SunnyO (Ad Hominem)

Martha said...

James, thanks for noticing my rugby jargon previously undiscovered talent.

Vicus, which of them haven't you done?

And Doddery, nice rounding out of the team. Although I thing Schnicky Schmotson is a chick (I'm often wrong about these things - and it would explain a lot if she isn't).

llew said...

That explains the pecs.

Martha said...

I don't think genes can ENTIRELY explain the pecs.