Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hum the tune of "I love a rainy night"

I love a free Cuisine...

Now you can stop singing.

I got a free Cuisine mag today. Which is very nice, because I am a subscriber, but I gave my one away this week (Oy Vey, sorry, it is slightly pre-loved - but the window of opportunity presented itself to send the thing, so I thought you might be able to handle it).

It is nice to include intimate exchanges amidst blogging don't you think?

I like Cuisine now. I liked it then too. A lot of people have been whinging about it lately, all the ads la di da. I still like it. I like the new editor (although his music choices on Nat Radio last weekend - yawn... I'm such a pleb. I never liked Six Volts - this is kind of another intimate exchange, but for everyone *Doctor Nick voice* "Hey Everybody!").

I like the fact that I love cooking, and love reading the mag. Realistically I have probably cooked from it less than a dozen times. I still think it rocks, and aim to die in a house full of little piles of Cuisine magazine everywhere.

I want my children to have some challenges when they clean out the estate.


Kate said...

I love it too. I've been getting it for about 3 years and I think I've cooked from it once. oops.
But of course, I'm domestically challenged.

Yeah - I hang onto every copy.

I like the ads. I like to know what pretty shiny things that I don't need that I can buy with money I don't really have.

Martha - your cooking looks amazing, but I'm sure the photos don't do the taste justice!

Tom said...

For those of us who now only read Cuisine for the wine and restaurant reviews, it's been a bit disappointing recently. Most reviewed restaurants are in Auckland, which makes sense population-wise, but they then give more coverage to Australia than to the rest of the country. They've only recently got around to reviewing Boulot, pretty much a year after it opened. Now that the DomPost has halved its weekly quota of restuarant reviews, we're stuck with quarterly issues of The Guide to keep us up to date.

hers said...

I like Taste.

I was given a copy by my daughter. I have cooked two and a half recipes in six months. Which makes me a domestic godess.