Friday, May 12, 2006


I don't think I'm quite the demographic that Webstock are after, but it looks bloody interesting. Is anyone going?

Me old cobber Rachel McAlpine is giving a talk, and it is obviously an opportunity to stalk Russell Brown.

I most likely won't get anywhere near it. Mainly because it costs $995 for the conference alone. Also the amount of time it took me to put the picture in my banner indicates that I'd understand as much of what they're saying if they all spoke Russian.


Sarah said...

I would if I wasn't a bludging beneficiary and all that.

Martha said...

Perhaps over the next fortnight we should make Petone blog really really successful, and get invited as keynote speakers.

Of course, we'd probably have to write something.

Make Tea Not War said...

Good grief, $995. If only I had that much spare cash... I'd do something much more fun than go to a conference. Its looks quite professionally oriented too- probably the sort of thing you'd go to if your employer was willing to pay for your attendance