Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Party dude!

I wonder if I'll hear back from Bluebird, after all I only bought the Cheezels for my mega prize.


I'm disappointed that my unique code appears to be blank. I was looking forward to winning one of the major prizes (any would do).

I hope you can help.

Kind regards,


hers said...

Maybe it's like the Coke competition. Despite the gallons of Coke Zero that we sloshed down our necks all we ever got was the same Goodnight Nurse song.

Kerry said...

We are currently forced to drink Lindauer and Jacobs Creek........our first win will be to Queenstown and then off to the Barossa Valley. Can't wait for the phone calls...

Martha said...

I'm thinking they'll feel so terrible about my blank card thingy that they'll just have to give me one of the holidays.

I just need the media to pick it up.

David Slack said...

I just went to the page in question. Is that Farrar diving into the mosh pit?

Martha said...

Well spotted! It is. And if you look carefully you can see a couple of his favourite commenters in the crowd.